Stencil Samples and Uses

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"Natural Expressions"

Stencil Samples and Some Uses

NOTE: Some Samples are not our Stencils, the Samples below are meant to illustrate some uses of Stencils.

Blank Polyester Stencil Sheets

A Couple of our Stencil Samples.

Stencils are made of a Clear/Flexible Polyester Material which is .010 of an inch Thick.

A Couple more of our Stencil Samples - Approximate Size

Air-Brush Tattooing with a Stencil

Glitter Tattooing

T-Shirt Sample

Stencil a Curb or Step

Stencil on a Canvas Sample

Decorating Fabric with a Stencil

Stenciling a Cake

Stenciling a Pillow Case

Stenciling a Gift Box

Accenting a Wall with a Stencil

Making a Sign with a Stencil

Stenciling a Lamp-Shade

Stenciling a Dog

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