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What is Henna & Mehndi?

Henna is a plant that grows in hot climates and can be found in most Middle Eastern countries such as Iran, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt and India.
The henna plant can grow 8 to 10 feet high and its leaves are dried, crushed and ground into a powder. The natural dyeing properties found in Henna are tannins,
this is what allows the henna (when mixed with other ingredients) to temporarily stain the skin. While henna is the plant, Mehndi is the traditional art of
decorating the hands, feet, & shins with a Henna paste.


What is the Deal with Black Henna?
I got a Black Henna in Mexico, Florida etc........

Please visit the following link for all sort of information pertaining to Black Henna: Black Henna


How can I get into doing Henna Professionally?

Please visit the following link and choose a kit you think may be suitable for your needs, if you call us this is what we are
going to tell you, so please visit this page and look at the kits, you can then place your order online, here is the link: Professional Henna Starter Kits


How much does it cost to get a Henna Design?

This will vary due to a number of factors. On average I charge anywhere from $10-$30 depending on the size of the design & it's complexity.


Where Is Henna applied?

Henna is traditionally placed on the hands, feet, and shins. However, you can apply henna just about anywhere you want. The lower back,
abdomen, shoulders, arms, calves, and back of neck are great locations. Try to stay away from hairy areas though, often times the henna
won't make it to the skin and it hurts when removing the paste.


What Is The Difference Between Pre-Made Paste And Making Your Own Paste?

Mainly Convenience, henna powder can be time consuming and frustrating to mix up (especially if you've never done it before).This just
depends on the individual, if you fancy yourself an artist or the D.I.Y. type, you may enjoy the mixing process; but if your not
very artistic, or are pressed for time, the premixed Henna (especially the Traditional) may be for you.


What Colors Are Available?

The natural color of henna when applied to the skin varies from dark brown to a deep burnt orange.


How Can I Make It Darker?

The art of mixing/applying henna is an art form, there are many variations and recipes for mixing. There's no wrong way, although some ways work
better than others, I like medium dark results that way I can change designs frequently. Some tricks for darkening include; applying lemon/sugar
to keep the paste moist as it sits on the skin, using fresh paste, and wrapping for optimal results. It's also best to start with clean dry skin.


How Long Does It Last?

The designs will last anywhere from 1-6 weeks. The wide range is because of the many variables such as; quality of henna, the recipe used, what part of
the body was decorated, how exposed to rubbing/soap/water the design gets, the darkness of your skin etc.... On average a design will last 1-3 weeks.
Also, non oily areas such as lower arms/legs tend to retain designs better than oily areas such as chest or lower back.


Is it Safe?

If you are unsure about sensitivity or concerned about an allergic reaction to natural henna, henna powder, color based henna, oil blends,
or possibly the adhesive backing on the stencils - do a patch test by applying a small amount on the area to be decorated and watch for a reaction over the
next 24 hours, if one occurs avoid further use. Also, henna products shouldn't be used around the eyes, mouth, broken skin, or taken internally.


Where Is Mehndi Available?

You can do it yourself or check festivals, fairs, tattoo shops, and salons. Once you find a good artist though - stick with em' - good artists are tough to come by!


How Long Do I Leave The Paste On?

This is enterily up to the person wearing the paste and depends on how long/dark they want the design to be. I suggest AT LEAST 1-2 hours...remember the longer the better.
If leaving on overnight, wrap design in toilet paper or saran wrap and leave an air hole.


Why Is Henna So Popular?

Mehndi has for centuries been practiced but has recently been popularized by musicians (Prince, Gwen Stefani), Hollywood personalities (Naomi Cambell, Demi Moore),
plus the popularity of permanent tattoos. Henna/Mehndi is a temporary, pain free, self expressive body art - unlike permanent tattoos which hurt and last a lifetime.
Also, general awareness of this art form has increased due to; the U.S. becoming more diverse, articles in magazines, publications, television broadcasts as well as on the internet.

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